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I am so grateful for the support of the following distinguished members of our community:


Connecticut Fraternal Order of Police

Fraternal Order of Police Endorses Jason Buchsbaum
Jason Buchsbaum with State Senator Eric Berthel
Steve Harding endorses Jason Buchsbaum



Steve Harding, Senate Republican Leader (30th Senate District)

Vin Candelora, House Republican Leader (86th House District)


Eric Berthel, State Senator (32nd Senate District)


Patrick Callahan, State Representative (108th House District)

Themis Klarides, Former State Representative and House Republican Leader

Joe Polletta, State Representative (68th House District) 

Nicole Klarides-Ditria, State Representative (105th House District) 

Seth Bronko, State Representative (70th House District)

John Piscopo, State Representative (76th House District)

Bill Pizzuto, State Representative (71st House District)

Tony Scott, State Representative (112th House District)

Joe Zullo, State Representative (99th House District)






Laszlo Pinter, Bridgewater Selectman and RTC Member




Pete Bass, New Milford Mayor

Lynn Umbarger, Chair, New Milford RTC


Victoria Carvalho, Vice Chair, New Milford RTC


Tom Pilla, New Milford RTC







Jeff Manville, Southbury First Selectman


Greg Kuehn, Southbury Selectman


Holly Sullivan, Southbury Selectman



Region 15 Board of Education Members







Marion Manzo, Chairman

Heather Rodgers, Treasurer

Tom Marks, Secretary

Heather Dwyer, Policy and Curriculum Committee Chair

Southbury Board of Finance Members







John Michaels, Chairman

John Reilly

Steve Giacomi, Alternate

Casey Docherty, Alternate

Richard Hill (former longtime member)

Southbury Republican Town Committee (unanimous endorsement)


Southbury RTC Executive Board Members

Gary Garofalo, Chairman

Jason Van Stone, Vice Chairman  (Planning Commissioner)

Casey Docherty, Secretary (Board of Finance Alternate)

Steve Giacomi, Treasurer  (Board of Finance Alternate)


Gabby Addison, Deputy Treasurer  (Board of Assessment Appeals Member)

Former Southbury Selectmen

Mark Cooper (former First Selectman and RTC Chairman)

Bill Davis (former First Selectman)

Chad Landmon

John Monteleone

Jennifer Naylor






Brian Van Ness, Retired State Trooper (Southbury Resident State Trooper 2016-2021)

George Temple, Oxford First Selectman and former State Central Committee member (32nd District)

Sharon Scarlett, GOP State Central Committee (32nd) (Southbury Zoning Board of Appeals Member)


Kurt Miller, Former Seymour First Selectman and former State Central Committee (32nd District)

Les Pinter endorses Jason buchsbaum
Pete Bass endorses Jason Buchsbaum
Jeff Manville, Holly Sullivan, and Greg Kuehn endorse Jason Buchsbaum
Region 15 members Marion Manzo, heather rodgers, tom marks, and heather dwyer endorse Jason Buchsbaum
Board of Finance Chairman John Michaels endorses Jason Buchsbaum
Oxford First Selectman George Temple endorses Jason Buchsbaum
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