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A Strong, Common-Sense Voice for the 69th District

Jason Buchsbaum speaking to a republican town committee

Approach To Governing


The need for effective and accountable leadership in government is more important now than ever before.  As your legislator, I will be a strong, common-sense voice in Hartford on behalf of all residents of the 69th District in Bridgewater, New Milford, Roxbury and Southbury, working hard to advance our local interests and needs.


As your representative, I will be actively engaged with residents and local leaders, championing the genuine concerns of our District in Hartford.  Regrettably, partisanship and divisiveness has too often become a hinderance to good legislation.  Together, let's prioritize what’s important to create a positive, meaningful, and enduring impact.


My no-nonsense leadership approach cuts through the politics and drives results.  This approach has proven successful over my many years on the Board of Selectmen in Southbury, where I have promoted sound policies for the betterment of our community.  I am ready to expand my public service to help build a stronger, more prosperous, and more affordable Connecticut.   


If elected, I will strive to reflect the values and characteristics I believe are essential for serving in public office: hard work, integrity, respect.


Below are some of the issues I intend to focus on as your next representative:

Jason Buchsbaum with Southbury Board of Finance Chairman John Michaels

Jason with longtime Southbury Board of Finance Chairman John Michaels

Fiscal Responsibility / Affordability 


I will advocate for fiscal responsibility, accountability, and reason in Hartford.  On the Board of Selectmen, I have supported responsible fiscal policies and budgets which have helped Southbury achieve stable taxes and sound budgets, while also improving services, supporting existing business, and welcoming new businesses to town.  This approach needs to be brought to Hartford as we work to cut taxes, manage spending, oppose unfunded mandates, and make Connecticut more affordable for all.

(Jason has been endorsed by numerous members of the Southbury Board of Finance, including longtime Chairman John Michaels.)

Jason Buchsbaum with members of the Southbury Police Department

Jason at the Memorial Day parade with

members of the Southbury Police Department

Public Safety / Crime


I will prioritize public safety and believe that our brave law enforcement officers need sufficient resources to fight crime and protect our communities.  As a Selectman, I have continually advocated for enhanced opportunities and resources for local police to better address the needs of our evolving community.  At the state level, I will never stop being a champion of law enforcement and will promote policies that ensure those who commit crimes face appropriate consequences for their actions. We need to get crime, including unchecked juvenile crime and car thefts, under control in our state and district.   

(Jason has been endorsed by the Connecticut State Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police.) 

Jason Buchsbaum at flag day - individual and personal liberties

Jason speaking at a Flag Day ceremony

Personal Liberty

I am a strong supporter of individual freedom and our Constitution, and believe that government should not intrude upon the rights so many have fought so hard to preserve for generations.  I will continue to fight for our individual rights and personal liberty while in Hartford, will oppose mandates, and work to preserve local control. 

(The CCDL has rated Jason Pro 2A, the highest rating available to a candidate who does not currently serve in the legislature.) 

Jason Buchsbaum speaking with residents in Heritage Village

Jason connecting with residents in Heritage Village

Seniors, Veterans and Working Families


The rising cost of living in Connecticut places a significant burden on our residents.  I will work tirelessly to create policies that uplift and enrich the lives of seniors, veterans, and working families, contributing to the prosperity of our community. As a Selectman, I have supported increased senior and veteran tax relief, have supported budgets focusing on attracting growth of new and existing business, and have fought to keep spending and taxes low for our citizens and small businesses.  I will continue to work on these important issues in Hartford, to make Connecticut more affordable for all. 

Jason Buchsbaum with Region 15 Board of Education member Heather Rodgers

Jason with Region 15 BOE member Heather Rodgers


As a parent of two children in Region 15 schools, I am deeply invested in the future of our community, which includes access to high-quality education.  I will ensure that our local communities receive the resources they need to enhance educational opportunities and learning.  I firmly believe that parents and local school boards, who are intimately connected to the needs of our community, should have a vital role in shaping our educational priorities.  As a Southbury Selectman, I have partnered closely with Region 15 leaders to understand and advocate for the needs of the school district.  I look forward to building relationships with Region 12 and the New Milford school district to support their educational needs in Hartford.

(Jason has been endorsed by numerous members of the Region 15 Board of Education, including Chairman Marion Manzo.)

Jason Buchsbaum supporting business at a local ribbon cutting

Jason attending a recent ribbon cutting

Support for Business


I am committed to fostering a thriving business environment in Connecticut by proposing policies aimed at making our state more business friendly. This includes advocating for tax incentives and regulatory reforms to reduce the burdens on businesses, promoting workforce development initiatives to ensure a skilled and competitive workforce, and facilitating strategic partnerships to drive innovation and growth. We can retain existing businesses, attract new investments, and ultimately, generate more job opportunities for our residents, contributing to the overall economic growth of Connecticut.

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